Bender Ball Core Training Special

Learn how to target every muscle in your core using this portable little ball! The benefits of having a strong, stable core are almost endless from preventing back injuries, improving balance, toning and shaping abs and glutes…the list goes on!

Here’s the deal…Get a ball and illustrated booklet ($25 value) and a personal training session ($40 value) for just $50! ($15 saving)

Yes, you can train with a friend !

  • 2 for $80
  • 3 for $100

Message me for details and to schedule a session (778-908-3449).

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Personal Training Services

Certified Personal Trainer, Kelly O’Halloran, will help you set goals that inspire you and support you every step of the way.  And you get to choose your favorite workout venue!

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  • Bender Ball

    Bender Ball

    The Bender Ball offers one of the most efficient, diverse and effective workouts for strengthening the core muscles that support the spine.  This soft, flexible ball produces a higher intensity workout than you can get with large exercise balls and is much more convenient for travel and storage!

    See our products page to order.

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  • Golf Specific Training

    Golf-Specific Training

    Personal Training can improve your game!

    If you want to hit longer drives that stay in the fairway, improve your stamina and avoid injuries, some basic exercises before and during the golf season are a must! Read More …

  • TRX Training

    TRX training programs build strength, balance, flexibility and burn fat!

    You control how easy or hard you want to work. Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to get back into shape, the TRX will help you reach your fitness goals. Read More …

  • Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking classes appeal to those who love the outdoors, enjoy a group atmosphere (although Nordic walking technique sessions are also available one-on-one), and desire a low impact, total body toning and fat-burning experience. This exercise is great pre-season conditioning for cross-country and downhill skiers, kayakers, dragon boaters, hikers and swimmers to name just a few.  Read More …

  • Gymstick

    Real results really fast!

    Gymstick is a functional resistance training tool that does more than replicate free weight exercises; it provides resistance in virtually every direction and in any position.  Gymstick is for the athlete in everyone!   Designed for all ages and fitness levels, Gymstick strengthens, tones, and defines like nothing else. Read More …

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