Summer Has Finally Arrived!

Fun Fitness Facts
 Muscles burn more calories than fat, even while you are sleeping… so remember to include strength training in your routine!

Gymsticks: Resistance tools are great for adding variety to your workout and exercising muscles in a different way.

The Bender Ball still ranks #1 on my list of great core workouts. It is easy on the back and so much more efficient and interesting than crunches, sit‐ups or machines!
So much for gradually increasing summer temperatures… we have gone from COLD to SMOKIN’ HOT overnight! So now that summer is officially here, there are some important things to remember that will keep you cool and allow you to enjoy being outdoors.
#1… Sunscreen – a little dab will NOT do! For maximum protection, lather up 30 minutes before you set foot outside. More than 10,000 Americans die from skin cancer each year. Just today, I had a close‐up look at an incision where an apparently small skin cancer lesion had been removed… 14 stitches later… Don’t let that become YOUR story!
#2… Water – drink more of it! If you find that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Staying well hydrated helps your body cool itself, can reduce tendencies to over eat and it will also help your skin look better!
#3… Exercise early in the morning, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. Obviously it is cooler earlier in the day, but you will also notice that your energy levels will be depleted by the heat towards end of the day.
#4… Eat lighter meals that include lots of juicy fruits and vegetables but make sure you still consume enough protein to keep your blood sugar balanced and stave off hunger pangs between meals.
Goal Setting for Life‐Style Changes

The first question you need to ask yourself is “What are my long‐term goals?” After you have the answer figured out, you need to break it down into smaller steps or short‐term goals that will help you get there and feel successful along the way. For example, a long‐term goal is “I want to lose 40 pounds and have more energy for doing the things I love throughout retirement”. Or “I want to gain muscle strength and endurance so I can compete in a triathlon”. The short term goals will include a monthly target for weight loss and/or a specific distance that you will cycle or swim by the end of the month. The methods you use to reach your short term goals will be changes in your eating habits, the number and type of exercises you perform each week and recruiting help when you need it. It will be important for you to assess your progress at specific intervals – perhaps the last day of each month. And make sure you record your progress. It might feel slow at times, but it can be very satisfying to look back 3 months and see that you have actually accomplished a lot. And if you are not on

Nordic Walking Classes will continue on Saturday mornings at 10:00am at Silver Bridge. Poles available for purchase and rental.
Newcomers are welcome!

On the Lighter Side…
Good advice: Always put 100% into your workouts every week. Bad advice: 12% Mon, 23% Tues, 40% Wed, 20% Thurs, 5% Friday! You’re adding, aren’t you?

Compound exercises work more muscles, getting you out of the gym
faster & with the results you need! target, you will be able to get back on track before too much time goes by. Consider getting help with your goal setting and tracking. It is a huge help to have someone on your side to help you succeed and keep you accountable.

Nordic Walking News

For the summer months, you can earn unlimited, FREE Nordic Walking classes. Here’s how… bring a friend for a drop‐in session (regular price) and your session is FREE! Nordic walking is a terrific workout. It engages 90% of the body’s muscles including abdominal muscles and upper arms (yes, the jiggley part!). It also takes stress off ankles, knees and hips and is good for balance and posture.

Amega & Zero‐Point Energy

If you have yet to become familiar with Zero-Point Field Energy, I will relate this story to you as an example of what it can do: I was enjoying a relaxing morning of sunshine on Okanagan Lake and my 13year‐old son (during some horse‐play) smacked his arm on the wharf while getting thrown into the lake. His arm bruised immediately and a scrape covered his entire forearm. I quickly grabbed the AMWand and circled it over his arm for about 5 minutes. The pain dissipated very quickly, but what really amazed me was the fact that the bruising vanished completely and the
scrape faded by about 50%. The next day, there was little trace of any injury whatsoever!
Check it out at The testimonials for the AMWand continue to roll in. The technology of Zero Point Field Resonance Energy, which is encased in a wand shaped like a pen, is still somewhat of a mystery to me, but the results are certainly undeniable.

Good health and happiness to all!
Love Your Workout

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