Bender Ball

Bender Ball

The Bender Ball offers one of the most efficient, diverse and effective workouts for strengthening the core muscles that support the spine.  This soft, flexible ball produces a higher intensity workout than you can get with large exercise balls and is much more convenient for travel and storage!

By giving you a greater range of motion during the exercises, the ball provides an abdominal workout that engages more muscle fibers, therefore making Bender Ball crunches more effective than ordinary crunches.  During the basic Bender Ball crunch, the deeper abdominal muscles become engaged because the ball provides a physical focal point.  The abdominal muscles engage during both forward (flexion) AND backward (extension) movements, unlike the traditional crunch where your muscles are only working during the forward (flexion) phase.

The twisting crunch tones and tightens the obliques for a trimmer waistline.  Twisting, while reaching upward, increases the intensity for the more advanced exerciser.

Try the lateral lift and side lying abduction to target core muscles often neglected in traditional routines.

Safely and comfortably tighten the lower abdominal muscles without straining the lower back, by placing the Bender Ball under your tailbone to perform the leg drop exercise. Low back discomfort and strain are common problems when lying flat on a matt and not using the ball.

Squeezing the ball between bend knees works the inner thigh, torso and low abls all in one simple but challenging motion.  Holding the ball between your feet while performing a “butterfly” motion gives the inner thigh and low abs a good burn.

Perform a plank and add the challenge of rolling the Bender Ball forward and backward under one hand.  Be sure to switch hands to get a balanced workout!