Personal Training Services

Personal Trainer, Kelly O'Halloran
by Certified Personal Trainer, Kelly O’Halloran

I will help you set goals that inspire you and support you every step of the way.  And you get to choose your favorite workout venue!

You may choose to work out my private studio, outdoors, or in your own home. All the necessary equipment will be provided for a balanced workout experience no matter which venue you prefer. “Functional Fitness Training” (exercises that mimic our body movement patterns) will be incorporated into all personal training programs, to improve your strength and stamina for the sports and activities you enjoy most.

Press on yoga ball - strength training Strength Training is one of the most effective forms of exercise to improve overall health. It helps you to burn fat, increase your metabolism and bone density, improve your balance, flexibility and strength and reduces your risk of injury.

nordic-walking-woman_icon_50pxNordic walking classes appeal to those who love the outdoors, enjoy a group atmosphere, and desire a gentle, whole-body toning and fat-burning experience. This exercise is great for pre-season conditioning for skiers and golfers.

gymstick_50pxGymstick is an amazing fitness tool that incorporates resistance tubing developed to effectively improve your whole body fitness. It is ideal for increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility, muscle toning, and fat loss.

TRX training with Kelly O'Halloran, Personal Trainer TRX Training programs build stamina, core strength, power, and burn fat! Whether you are a beginner exerciser, recovering from an injury or a seasoned athlete, the TRX will help you reach your fitness goals. The TRX Suspension Training system is lightweight and compact, allowing you to take it to your favourite workout environment.