Happy New Year

First and foremost, I’d like to wish everyone good health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead!

Nordic Walking Classes will be continuing on Saturday mornings at 9:30am at Silver Bridge. Updates will be provided re changes in location & times as well as additional classes.
Newcomers are welcome!

Fun Fitness Facts
¾ 1 pound of fat= 3500 calories – easy to do in a day or two!
¾ 11 hours of walking burns a pound of fat
¾ 6.9 hours of Nordic walking burns a pound of fat
¾ Stretch AFTER exercising to reduce injury risk
¾ Drinking alcohol when you are cold makes you

One of the most common practices at the beginning of a brand new year is to make resolutions about what we are going to start doing, what we are going to stop doing and what we are going to do better… be more organized, stop procrastinating, eat more fresh vegetables, exercise regularly… the list can become long and daunting and downright impossible to follow through on! So I would encourage you to think carefully before making promises to yourself that ultimately result in frustration, failure and most importantly, finding yourself in the exact same boat in January 2011. Included in this first 2010 edition of the Love Your Workout newsletter, you will find some helpful tips for making reasonable resolutions that won’t end up in the recycle bin.
As a Personal Trainer and advocate for an overall healthy lifestyle, I of course would love to see everyone enjoying physical activities and eating wholesome food. I also realize that many people simply are not interested in changing their current routine for any number of reasons (or excuses!), some of the most common being, “I don’t have time; I can’t afford a trainer; I don’t like the gym environment; I have too many health problems…,” and the list goes on and on. What it all boils down to when we get really honest is, “I don’t like change; I don’t really know how to exercise; I don’t even know if there is a routine I would like!” Well, fair enough—now we have something to work with. And I am here to tell you that once you come to the realization that exercise and healthy eating are the key ingredients to life itself you will be more ready to explore exercise options that you will enjoy! Exercise does not mean going to the gym if that is not your thing.
What about…
Dancing, skiing, gardening, Nordic walking, yoga, skating, kick-boxing (seriously invigorating!), swimming, hiking, badminton, horseback riding…
Give me a call – I’d love to motivate you to get moving!!

Love Your Workout, Health & Fitness Newsletter 2010

A Personal Trainer will teach you safe and effective exercises to help you reach
your goals sooner!

Working large muscle groups will help to increase your metabolism, even while you are sleeping!

Skating with a friend is much more fun than watching TV!
New Year’s Resolutions 101:

Sit down with a pen and paper and write a list of “SMART” goals.
S=specific M=measurable A=attainable R=results oriented T=timed
Be sure to include how you are going to achieve these goals. You may want to lose 20 pounds, for example, but attempting to do it by the end of January will likely put your name on the list of failed resolutions statistics. Instead, decide to lose gradually by eating more fresh vegetables, smaller portions at meal times and scheduling exercise into your week. A weight loss of 2 pounds a week is attainable, will make you feel successful, and will help you adopt permanent healthy habits into your lifestyle.
Weight Management
Do you have a good idea of how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight? Eating fewer calories than you burn off will result in weight loss. Try this simple trick: Instead of “going on a diet”, simply eat for the weight you wish to be.
Use these basic steps to estimate your daily calorie requirements:
1. Find your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): Multiply your body weight by 10 to get # of calories burned per day at rest.
2. Determine your daily activity level as follows:
Sedentary add 20–40% to RMR
Moderately Active add 40–60% to RMR
Very Active add 60–80% to RMR
3. When you work out, add in the number of calories you burn.
Add 1, 2, and 3 together to learn the approximate number of calories that you are currently burning every day. Add a workout and cut a few calories if you need to slim down.
Coming in 2010…
Bender Ball group classes: Learn to use this amazing little exercise tool—it was a hot item for the last few months of 2009. New and past clients have found them to be far more fun and effective for getting a great core workout that works all of your core muscles, not just the “sixpack.”
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all out learning to…
Love Your Workout!
Kelly O’Halloran, 778-908-3449 www.loveyourworkout.ca