Bender Ball Core Training

Bender Ball Core Training The Bender Ball is a simple, effective tool which allows you to target important core muscles. Using the Bender Ball allows you to create a more focused and efficient workout. Low ab burn without low back strain! The Bender Ball provides a small but important adjustment to the pelvis angle. Bender […]

Grand Opening – Saturday, April 16

Stop in on Saturday for the Grand Opening of Kelly’s Personal Training Studio, between 11:00 am and 9 pm.  A chance to see the workout space and the equipment, talk with Kelly and mix with like-minded, active people.  Ask about the April Special, see the equipment demos and sample healthy food! April Special: $39/session all month […]

Set Yourself Up For Success!

Fun Fitness Facts  Following a low calorie diet for extended time periods can reduce your metabolism! So… eat well AND exercise! A Personal Trainer will give you that extra push to work harder & more efficiently to reach your goals much sooner than going it on your own. Good weather is coming! It’s time […]

Fun Fitness Facts

Love Your Workout Newsletter Fun Fitness Facts  Using a Bender Ball increases your ab workout efficiency by 400%  When a couple lives together for over 2 years, the woman is more likely to become overweight!  Cardio exercise improves brain functions such as memory, problem solving and decision making Working out with a […]